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Teacher's Twist Pen              $25.00

This Teacher's Twist Pen is crafted using a maple center section, a Bacote end, and a Padauk end. The Hardware is Chrome. This twist pen is actually 2 pens in one. At one end is a black pen, and at the other end is a red pen. To extend or retract the refill, twist the end for the color needed. The refills are mini ball point style refills. To replace either refill, simply pull the end away from the middle section, and replace the refill by first unscrewing the refill guide, then installing the color refill. The wooden body, and ends were hand turned on my lathe, shaped and sanded. A cyanoacrylate finish was appllied followed by a 9 step micro mesh polishing process. I then buffed the pen to a high gloss shine. Free Gift Box included.


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